Bruno Sénéchal

« I grew up in the majestic scenery of the French Alps. I’ve always had a passion for travel, nature and wildlife, with a particular attraction for the isolated islands, and frozen destinations in the Arctic North or Antarctica region, many vulnerable areas hostile for humans, but having such fascinating landscapes and wildlife ».

Dorota Sénéchal :

«Polish-American, I was born in Poland, Art school graduate, graphic editor and journalist. Over two decades ago, my adventure nature brought me to United States, where lately I was developing my skills as a wildlife photographer. My enthusiasm for travelling is without limit. I’m always ready for new adventure. Each expedition gives me opportunity to discover another place, another country, and to share with you some new amazing pictures and stories.”


From continent to continent

« From Continent to Continent » is the title of our Exhibition and our first book, a great adventure across the World, and a wonderful invitation to travel. This title could also apply to our personal lives. This common passion brought us together one day, like an incredible modern fairy tale between North America and Europe.With our equipment (Nikon D3S, D4S and D300S + different lenses dedicated to wildlife photography), we started traveling the world.From this passion, our profession was born. We decided to leave our previous jobs as a
     lawyer and EVS Director in Hospital system, and dedicate our time to a new      and exciting job as wildlife photographers, an activity full of surprises and          emotions, which brings a unique contact with the Nature.
Each of the reportages always starts by a careful preparation of the trip, and a close study of the species to photograph, their behavior and the places to explore. This is always the moment when the dreams begin ….


 The meeting

” The meeting between those two artists was born from a common vision of the life, more precisely a timeless and same believes in the direction and the way. More than words, their work reflect this. Those two lovers of the World are not only looking at each other, they are always looking in the same direction; anyone who has the pleasure to know them cannot denied. The path that leads them on the different continents is a beautiful tribute to nature.
Their photographs of exceptional qualities are also encouraging the preservation and the respect of the world, our world that is our common heritage. And we will never insist enough for telling how wonderful it is.
The Tale continues. And everyone know that the tales, so simple and so wonderful are they, are not made only for the children”

Stéphane PELLET-PERRIER (Writer) – March 2013