Bruno Dorota Sénéchal au Salon Photo Strasbourg RDV Images 2018 - Prix du public WAPUSK OURS POLAIRES

Our new book and and our nex exhibit « WAPUSK – POLAR BEARS » were selected by Paolo Woods, Artistic Director of the 8th Edition of Fair Photo Event at Strasbroug (Palais des Congrès) from January 26th to 28th.

Among the 2018 Winners of this Edition, our book “WAPUSK – POLAR BEARS” won the prestigious PUBLIC BOOK AWARD.

Bruno Dorota Sénéchal Salon Photo RDVI Images Strasbourg 2018 Prix du Public Livre Wapusk Ours Polaires

Bruno Dorota Sénéchal PRIX DU PUBLIC WAPUSK OURS POLAIRES - Strasbourg 20148

Bruno Dorota Sénéchal Prix du Public WAPUSK OURS POLAIRES Strasbourg 2018

salon photo strasbourg Bruno Dorota Sénéchal Prix du Public 2018