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Blu-Ray & DVD : “Ice Lover – Winter in Canada”

Blu-Ray & DVD : “Ice Lover – Winter in Canada”
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"Ice Lover - Winter in Canada" : the 1st Volume of a wildlife photography collection by Bruno & Dorota Sénéchal.

Harp Seals are living in the cold waters of Arctic and North Atlantic. They can be found from Spitzberg and Jan Mayen, in Greenland, until Newfoundland and Hudson Bay, also the White Sea and Kara Sea.

Each year the population of Greenland is migrating thousand miles from the North, for giving birth to the young "whitecoats" on the pack-ice around Newfoundland and St Lawrence Gulf.

Discover this amazing story of animal life, and also in the white sceneries of Canadian winter, the Snowy Owl, the Red Fox and the Niagara Falls frozen.

Duration : 21 minutes

The box contains one Blu-Ray 1920 x 1080 and one DVD 720 x 576

Audio : French - English



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