Return policy

No returns can be made unilaterally by the Customer without the prior written consent of BDK PHOTOGRAPHY. This Article shall apply without prejudice to the legal right of withdrawal Customer Consumer indicated below.

Withdrawal option Client :

Pursuant to Article L.121 -20.1 and followings of Consommation Code, the consumer Customer has a cooling-off period of 7 ( seven) days from the receipt of goods to return it to its fees to BDK PHOTOGRAPHY . If the Customer does return only a portion of the order, the shipping will not get reimbursed by BDK PHOTOGRAPHY.

In case of exercising this legal right of withdrawal, BDK PHOTOGRAPHY refund the amount paid , without charge , except for return shipping costs, and , within a maximum period of 30 ( thirty) days from the date on which the right will been exercised.

A failure to comply with the obligation to confirm the order, the withdrawal period is extended to three (3 ) months from the date of receipt of the goods by the Customer. If, within that period of 3 ( three ) months, the confirmation email is issued, the period of 7 ( seven) days reckoned from this confirmation .