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Excerpt from the animal movie
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Film - Wapusk Polar Bears

On USB card

  • Animal movie resolution 1080p
  • 23 minutes
  • Language of the wildlife movie Fr
  • Animal film in self-publishing Self-Publishing
  • Release date of the animal movie Release of the movie October 2017

The Wapusk adventure is an exhibit, a book, but also a multi-vision film directed by wildlife photographers Bruno and Dorota Sénéchal. Experience the Wapusk adventure in Northern Manitoba in the winter, with USB Card, for HD picture quality, to view on any screen, TV or computer with a USB port. Universal and practical support, a good idea of gift, for all lovers of the North, and for a nice family evening (parents and children), with rare images of moms and bears cubs who come out of their dens for the very first time.

(Shipping price 3.00€ in France)
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