Exhibit at Galerie du Lion in Orléans 2014

June 20, 2014

Photography Exhibit “Entre Ciel et Terre” (“Between Sky and Earth”), in Orleans (France)  from June 20th to August 17th, 2014, where we are exposing some pictures in the company of photographers Tony Crocetta, Jean-Claude Picard and Nicolas Lesnartowski.

For this new photographic exhibition, “Galerie du Lion” offers a spectacular journey for discovering the beauty of nature through the continents.

We present a selection of our pictures taken in the Deltas of Southern Europe: in Andalusia following the tracks of the last Iberian Lynx in the delta of the Guadalquivir, and in France (Rhône Delta), you will discover our personal and artistic vision of the eternal Flamingoes of Camargue.

The Gallery is located in the heart of Orleans, in a mansion of the seventeenth century. Opened in September 2011, it is the first gallery in Europe specialized in wildlife photography.

Since two and a half years, more than 28,000 visitors were discovering different exhibitions, and the work of the greatest wildlife photographers in the world. It is also a place to learn about the wildlife of all continents.

On Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 15:00PM, we will be at the Gallery to meet the public and to present our book of wildlife photography  ”From Continent to Continent”

The gallery is open:

Wednesday, thursday, friday : 10h00-12h30 / 14h00-18h00

Saturday : 10h00-12h30 / 14h00-18h00

Sunday : de 14h00 à 18h00

1.800 people were visiting the Exhibit.

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