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Excerpt from the animal movie
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Film - Hawaii Nature

On USB card

  • Animal movie resolution 1080p
  • 23 minutes
  • Language of the wildlife movie Fr - En
  • Animal film in self-publishing Self-Publishing
  • Release date of the animal movie Release of the movie September 2018

Dive into the middle of the Pacific for an unforgettable adventure with unique wildlife and birdlife. Experience the Hawaii Nature adventure, as USB Card, for HD picture quality, to view on any screen, TV or computer with a USB port. Universal and practical support, a good idea of gift, for all nature lovers, and for a nice family evening (parents and children), with rare images of the volcano erupting, whales, the underwater world and turtles, emotional moments with manta rays, the very rare monk seal and albatross, and the endemic birds of the rainforests.

(Shipping price 3.00€ in France)
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