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Excerpt from the animal movie
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Film - White on White

On USB card

  • Animal movie resolution 1080p
  • 30 minutes
  • Language of the wildlife movie Fr - En
  • Animal film in self-publishing Self-Publishing
  • Release date of the animal movie Release of the movie October 2023

Far North, everything is white: snow, ice, animals … Polar bear, snowy owl, arctic fox, seals, have all in common a tremendous capacity for adaptation, in order to survive in the most hostile environments on Earth. This wildlife movie is about 10 years of expeditions in the arctic regions of our Planet, in quest for emblematic species of the North. With the professionnal voice of Butch MacCain (Colorado). Digipack Box and USB key, for HD movie quality, to view on any screen, TV or computer with a USB port.

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