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Book - From continent to continent

Bilingual book fr-en

  • Dimensions of the book 24x32cm
  • Number of book pages 120 pages
  • Paper quality Offset blanc 170g
  • BDK Photography Editions BDK Photography Editions
  • Release date of the book Release of the book: September 2013
  • Availability of the book Available

This book of wildlife photography is a tribute to Nature and to the diversity of life on our Planet. A great adventure to discover the beauties of the world, and a great invitation to travel in the wild territories of Alaska (grizzly bears, polar bears, elk, sea otters, whales, owls, birds ...), in the middle of the plains of the African savannah (great fauna of the Rift Valley in Tanzania and Kenya), and among the largest natural sites in Europe (Alpine fauna, birds ...). Preface by Stéphane PELLET-PERRIER, writer.

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