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Book - Falklands Penguins

Bilingual book fr-en

  • Dimensions of the book 28x24cm
  • Number of book pages 88 pages
  • Paper quality Arctic Volume White 200g
  • BDK Photography Editions BDK Photography Editions
  • Release date of the book Release of the book: September 2020
  • Availability of the book Available

Falkland Islands are truly one of the last untouched natural wonders of the World. Not only are penguins fascinating creatures to observe, they are also beautiful seabirds. With exclusive and stunning images by wildlife photographers Bruno & Dorota Sénéchal, this book will take you deep into penguin’s lives, from the enigmatic Magellanic, to the stylish King, the hyperactive Rockhopper, the elusive Macaroni, and the timid Gentoo. Through the pages, you will see these astonishing birds as you probably never knew them before. Texts by Fabrice Genevois and Bruno & Dorota Sénéchal Preface by Nick Rendell (Bleaker Island)

(Shipping price 11.00€ in France)

Readers talk about it

"A great book. Very beautiful pictures, the quality of the book is incredible, each page is like a new photo to discover, you realised once again a great job. Such a pleasure to follow this adventure, it makes me dream. Congratulations, this is really beautiful" " I received my exemplary, I just began to look through the pages, before taking time to read it completely. A beautiful book that I will recommand. Thank you Bruno & Dorota Sénéchal" "I was really impatient to discover all those fantastic pictures, and I got a lot of pleasure reading this beautiful book" " I began to open your new book ... really great !"

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