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Book - Wapusk Polar Bear

Bilingual book fr-en

  • Dimensions of the book 28x24cm
  • Number of book pages 88 pages
  • Paper quality Arctic Volume White 200g
  • BDK Photography Editions BDK Photography Editions
  • Release date of the book Release of the book: September 2017
  • Availability of the book Available

2nd prize at NEW YORK (International Photo Award 2019) Winner LOS ANGELES Creative Communication Awards C2A 2020 Silver Winner - Wildlife books - MOSCOW (MIFA 2020) Bronze Winner at BUDAPEST (BIFA 2019) Honorable Mention at TOKYO (TIFA 2019) Public Prize Salon Photo of Strasbourg January 2018 Nat'Images Editorial Writing Book January 2018. Wapusk means "White Bear" in "Cree" language (North American Indian Nation). This book is a collection of photographs and the story of travel in extreme environment (-57 °), in tribute to one of the most emblematic and extraordinary animal species of our Planet, the Polar Bear. Every year in February, bear moms emerge from their dens, with the young cubs seeing the daylight for the very first time. The authors, Dorota and Bruno Sénéchal, wildlife photographers and great travelers, specialists of the Canadian Far North and the cold, give us the secrets of a magnificent adventure of animal life, and valuable fields tips about photography in extreme conditions. Preface by Fabrice Genevois, biologist, ornithologist, field guide and speaker.

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Readers talk about it

« Book ordered and received too, probably the most beautiful book on polar bears! » « Beautiful pictures, my grandchildren marveled at Mother Bear and her babies. Your book has not been closed often since it was received » « A beautiful and informative book especially for the preparation of equipment for the cold !!! » « Your book is a concentrate of emotions, I knew that I was going to be moved but there is beyond, since behind these images and the beauty of nature, it is the reflection that prevails, impossible to do not think about the damage we do and the uncertain future of these beautiful species, children are amazed at each page traveled, THANK YOU for allowing us this dream » « A beautiful book on bears to buy urgently, tenderness and poetry » « The story of your adventure and the photographs compiled in this book testify as much to the beauty as to the fragility of our planet » « Remarkable album. What patience to capture these magical moments and an infinite tenderness, especially with extreme temperatures. A huge bravo. » « Your book is beautiful, I keep looking at it since it is with us. Your photos make us travel !!! » « This book is a little treasure »

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