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Book - White on White - Preorders

Bilingual book fr-en

  • Dimensions of the book 28x24cm
  • Number of book pages 120 pages
  • Paper quality Arena Smooth Extra White 170g
  • BDK Photography Editions BDK Photography Editions
  • Release date of the book Release of the book: October 2023
  • Availability of the book Available

Far North, everything is white: snow, ice, animals … Polar bear, snowy owl, arctic fox, seals, have all in common a tremendous capacity for adaptation, in order to survive in the most hostile environments on Earth. Wishing you a good journey with our book, in a white and pure World, this World that has attracted us so much since many years ... ten years of expeditions in the Arctic, in the company of these four mythical species : arctic fox, polar bear, snowy owl, harp seals … four beautiful stories to discover. Dorota & Bruno Sénéchal, wildlife photographers, specialized in cold and polar regions, are awarded in several prestigious photography contests all over the world. They have notably been awarded 6 years in a row at the “International Photography Awards” in New York (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022).

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