Exhibit Chamber of Métiers – 3rd Edition

Oct. 2, 2015

The Nature Event at Annecy (Haute-Savoie – France).

The exhibit of wildlife photography “From Continent to Continent” continue the turn of the world, with this year again, new amazing destinations.

For this 3rd Edition, we are inviting you for great emotional moments with the Nature.

42 new pictures from Bruno & Dorota Sénéchal.

Exhibit on three floors of  Chamber of Métiers and Artisanat of Haute-Savoie – 28 avenue de France – 74000 ANNECY – France.

Free entrance, until January 29th, 2016.

One of the highlight of the exhibit is one of the most fascinating spectacle of animal life, on the St Lawrence ice-pack in winter, where Harp Seals are coming back every year for giving birth to their young “whitecoats” on the ice.

“Ice Lover – winter in Canada” : the first volume of our Blu-Ray DVD collection, that you can find in the Store Page.

Meeting with the photographers on friday, October 30th October and December 4th, 2015. Photographers will be present at third floor of Chamber of Métiers, from 14h00 to 17h00.

Article of magazine “Métiers à la Une” n° 73  – Summer 2015 :

First projection of the wildlife documentary “Ice Lover - Winter in Canada” at Congrès Room of Chamber Métiers, on October 2d, 2015 during the opening of the exhibit :

Guided visit of the exhibit with APMA ( Association of Promotion of Annecy Museums) on FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER, at 10h00am.

Informations and subscribe at APMA – poste 5015 – www.apma-annecy.fr

Article from newspaper “Dauphiné Libéré” of October 7th, 2015

(Erratum on the article : this is one of our picture (and not the DVD) that is awarded at International Photo Contest of Montier 2015)

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