Nature Photography Festival of Barr – 6th Edition

Sept. 25, 2015

6th Edition - Nature Photography Exhibit of Barr (Bas-Rhin – France) – September 25th to 27th, 2015

We will present during the 6th Edition of this festival dedicated to wildlife photography and nature, pictures from our trip in Japan in winter : Snow Monkeys in the snowy mountains of Honshu, and fauna on Hokkaïdo Island, one of the wildest and most preserved place in Japan.

Arctics and winter always have a special attraction for our expeditions. When we arrived in Jigokudani, the snow was completely covering the country ; this winter scenery, of snow and ice, will stay with us until the end of the trip.

You will discover the Snow Monkeys, the Japanese Cranes at Kushiro marshes, White-Tailed Eagle in the blizzard, Deers crossing the frozen lake of Furen-Ko … among gorgeous winter landscapes.

You will also discover during the festival, the work of several other talented photographers :

Laurent Baheux, invited guest,

Thomas Delahaye, Pascal Gadroy & Benoît Debruyne, Benjamin Orgogozo, Sébastien Tournier, Pierre Laugel, Sarah Martinet, Aurélien Mallard, Gilles Duperron, Jérémy Calvo, Laurent Fiol, Matthieu Meurant, Alexis Dubois, Jean-Robert Comte, Nicolas Bohere, Barbara Rhumel, Gaël Trijasson, Frédéric Coutellier, Joël Brunet, Bastien Riu, David Huerta, Philippe Lagabbe, les Frères Rémusat, Marie-Laure De Decker, Nathalie Annoye, David Marlien.

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